The fast food stop

My meeting in Bloemfontein ended at 4pm Later than I wanted it to It was a 4 hour drive home  Northwards to Johannesburg The November air was muggy and oppressing  I was worn down As an introvert it's tough showing your game face all day As the afternoon progressed  So did a thunderstorm I watched … Continue reading The fast food stop

Would you open the envelope?

You receive a knock at the door in the middle of the afternoon. Wondering whether there’s an Amazon delivery you forgot about, you make your way to the door. A man in a pristine black suit and black rimmed spectacles stands there. Something about his appearance strikes you as somewhat other-worldly. A little too clean … Continue reading Would you open the envelope?

Working from home permanently is a step towards Dystopia

In these Covid times, the term “new normal” has been used extensively. I personally hate the term. I want to smash the term “new normal” against the wall until it never gets used again. Like many others, I feel that if this is the new normal, I don’t want much part of it. I was … Continue reading Working from home permanently is a step towards Dystopia

Smiling at cats in a Covid world

During this lockdown I’ve tried to take my four year old daughter to the local cricket ground every day. Once there we both enjoy it. A bit of fresh air and sunshine are very effective treatments for the sense of frustration and brain fog that continual working from home brings. It’s beautiful there, surrounded by … Continue reading Smiling at cats in a Covid world

Sitting In A Room Alone – Why Pascal Was Spot On

Back in the 1600’s, distinguished French inventor and physicist Blaise Pascal wrote “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” As some of you may know, I moved to the UK from South Africa during the early part of 2019. Life is of course different here, most notably in the realm of … Continue reading Sitting In A Room Alone – Why Pascal Was Spot On

It Will Come When It Comes

I had two heavy shopping bags and I needed to get a bus home. It was a short journey that took less than ten minutes. I waited for the pedestrian green light and made my way across the road to the bus stop. Reaching into my pocket I immediately got the CityMapper app out to … Continue reading It Will Come When It Comes

Don’t Strive For Goals, Strive To Be

For the past two years or so I’ve got into the steady habit of lifting weights. I’ve delved into it temporarily once or twice before, but this has been the first time I’ve really been able to embrace it over the longer term and make it sustainable. Yes, I’ve seen results. And yes, there’s still … Continue reading Don’t Strive For Goals, Strive To Be

Job hunting in London – 8 tips and reflections

There I was waking up in London on a February Sunday morning at 10am. A hangover beating in my head. A siren wailing in the distance. The Saturday night had been a somewhat heavy one. We were staying in my brother-in law’s loft bedroom. A curious and frenzied set of circumstances had led to me … Continue reading Job hunting in London – 8 tips and reflections

If you’re going to try

I watched the movie Factotum a couple of months ago. It’s based on a Charles Bukowski novel. Matt Dillon does a surprisingly good job of playing a young Henry Chinaski, Bukowski’s alter ego, as he goes job to job, trying to make it through life while attempting to build a writing career. The film ends … Continue reading If you’re going to try

The big things about small talk

I hate small talk. One of the worst possible torture treatments you could hand me would be to put me in a room with strangers for a whole day and ask me to make small talk with them. Over the years I’ve come to avoid it as much as possible. Extroverts won’t really understand, but … Continue reading The big things about small talk