24 things you realise at 30

Here are some things that, for me at least, have become more clear around the age of 30.

  1. It’s quite a shock when you realise the sport that you’re watching, be it football, rugby or cricket, involves mainly men who are younger than you, some as much as 10 years younger.
  1. You know who your long term true friends are – or at least the ones you’ll still be talking to in 20 years’ time.
  1. Tequila will never taste nice.
  1. You actually do finally know who you really are. And you’re perfectly ok with it.
  1. A desire to keep up with fashion and trends seems quite silly.
  1. Old age is real. The gut becomes harder to control, your knees aren’t quite as nimble and the lines around your eyes aren’t just there when you smile.
  1. You’ll never have that huge, muscular, chiselled body that you always strived for and worked towards on and off. Weightlifting with heavy weights becomes pointless to you. Running and walking is more needed, and more enjoyable.
  1. Friday night on the couch with fish, chips and red wine beats any other cool plans or events.
  1. You don’t really care what strangers think of you. Especially when driving to the Spar on a Sunday afternoon for milk in old mismatched clothes, worn-out slops and 4 day stubble.
  1. Your work / career defines so much of who you are and what your life is about. It’s best to enjoy it – and work with people you like.
  1. Meeting people becomes less about growing your friend base and more about what you can learn from that person. You realise that a lot of people actually have some valuable life lessons to share, and are all too willing to share them with some prompting.
  1. You need to create things to look forward to. Those things will come and go, yes. And depress you when they are over, yes. But keep creating these things.
  1. You don’t mind spending a little extra for good food, good coffee or good wine.
  1. It’s better to have good memories and a sore head than bland memories and a clear head.
  1. ABBA actually made really enjoyable music – and you can admit it.
  1. The number of people you truly do care about is a precious few. There’s only so much time in a day and only so much room in your heart.
  1. You’ll never ever work out whether to hug, cheek kiss of lip peck female friends when greeting.
  1. Life’s too short to watch your eating all the time. Being a Tim Noakes disciple can wait until you’re 60.
  1. In your teens you think your fascination with beautiful women will decrease as you get older. It doesn’t.
  1. You wonder why you didn’t just enjoy life more 10 years ago when you had less stress and life was simpler.
  1. There are some things that you don’t like about yourself which you’ll probably never be able to change.
  1. You’ll never ‘see the world’, only small snippets of it. And those snippets will become some of your greatest memories. Memories you’ll think about on your death bed.
  1. Your wife is actually also your best friend.
  1. Liverpool will never win the premier league again.

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