Human Truth Dancing Before Your Eyes

I’ve stumbled on a major human truth in the last year or so.

Anyone who’s had children will know that long before the children start talking they’re able to dance and move to a beat. My own child was no different. Long before uttering her first words she was bobbing her body to music. Before coherent sentences she was dancing with utter delight, stamping her feet and waving her arms.

Each time I observed this I found it particularly profound. Before even communicating properly and coherently, us humans are able to dance, express enjoyment and respond to spontaneously to music we find appealing. We know how to live before we know how to talk.

The human truth is this – the idea that most important aspect of life is the simple enjoyment of it. If you fall into my trap, you spend so much time thinking about the meaning of life and finding fulfillment that you end up forgetting to live. For so many of us, life eventually trains the living out of you.

If you want to dance, dance

If you want to crank up the ACDC and sing along as loud as you can, do it

If you want to live, live

One thought on “Human Truth Dancing Before Your Eyes

  1. So true! Simplicity is the ultimate guide way to happiness and your post proves it. Will definitely follow your blog.

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