Do you have a destination?

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Somebody drops you in a strange city you’ve never been to, gives you a vehicle and tells you to make your way to a certain landmark within the city. He explains the landmark to you and says it’s about 10km away, but gives you no instructions or directions.

Would you jump in the car and start driving, with a hope that you’d run into the landmark destination that’s been explained to you? No you wouldn’t. If you did you’d be likely to end up drifting around in circles with no clear direction, eventually running out of fuel.

Yet most of us treat our lives this way. We stumble day to day with an indefinite, simplistic idea of what we want to be or where we want to go. Is our destination a clear one of our choosing or some vague idea given to us by society? Are we driving with purpose, using the most efficient route possible, or are we being swayed by where traffic is leading us?

Life is that strange city. You’re in that car. You have a choice: Drive aimlessly towards a destination unknown to you, or use navigation tools to find your destination.

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