Eating Alone

I think nothing these days of eating alone in a restaurant

If I feel like it, if I need to

There’s a strange pleasure in it

Not all would understand

You pick up on all the conversations around you

And realise that the ordinary lives of others are just that . . . ordinary

The good looking well spoken blonde guy at the table in front of me is making conversation with a woman

Can’t see her too well but I can hear them

He’s interested in history, and there are a couple of very specific places he wants to go see

Her indifference is tangible

She talks about her family and friends

He tries to sound interested 

But fails somewhat – we’ve all been there buddy

Then the silences in between

If these two stay together the silences will just widen and widen into gaping gulfs 

Two lost souls screaming on the cliff edge of each side 

Trying to be heard

Hearing nothing in return

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