About Me


I’m Jared Louw, a London based marketing strategist and writer specialising in education. I articulate ideas and connect them to human beings, in various ways.

I have 13 years experience in brand strategy agencies and leading the marketing strategy of organisations.

I’m navigating the narrow lanes of life, and perhaps this blog can help you in your own journey.

In terms of my work, I offer marketing, brand strategy and writing services to education institutions. Whether you’re an agency or a corporate marketing team, I can assist you in the following ways:

  • Marketing and brand research
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Blog writing
  • Email writing
  • Website copy
  • Promotional messaging
  • Messaging hierarchies
  • Brand strategy documentation and brand guidelines
  • Social media copy
  • E-book writing
  • Newsletter writing
  • Strategy presentations

My marketing strategy experience has included some of the biggest education and learning organisations in the world, but my work transcends industries. I’ve worked with or for the following organisations:

  • Pearson
  • Nelson Mandela University
  • Pearson Institute of Higher Education
  • Henley Business School
  • MSC Education
  • The City & Guilds Institute
  • London Business School

Get in touch here to see how I can help you.



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