My Purpose


“Noon time and I’m still pushing myself along the road, 

the darkest part

Into the narrow lanes

I can’t stumble or stay put”

– Bob Dylan


I’m a 33 year old Johannesburg based marketing professional with a background in education, marketing, advertising and branding. About three years ago I started this blog to give my view on some world events and in some sort of attempt to add some rational thought to this crazy world.

I’ve been perhaps guilty of focusing too much on myself and too frequently on the problems with the world, rather than the solutions. I look around at South African youth and I see a generation largely let down by poor education, and perhaps not enough exposure to mentors or practical experiences. This is also a youth base grappling with one of the worst youth employment rates in the world, which makes every opportunity even more golden for them.

I’ve delved briefly into student workshops where I give some career advice and learnings from my ten years of being in the workplace, and they’ve been surprisingly well received. I get the distinct impression in these sessions that our young people are crying out for all the help they can get in these narrow lanes of careers and life. The adjustment into the workplace from the sheltered confines of education institutions is an area I’m particularly keen to add value.

I’ve made a decision to make myself part of the solution rather than the problem. While I don’t have all the answers, I’d like to try to use the platforms and knowledge I have to offer meaningful, truthful  life and career guidance to young people of South Africa, and indeed the world. We need young people who are well balanced, critical thinkers. Young people who are self reliant and can act as individuals. These are the types of people who will bring about positive change.

This is not my day job by any stretch. Just something I want to do to help. I hope you come with me on this journey and learn with me as we go.

One of the biggest lessons life has taught me is that success and the correct way of being is indeed a narrow lane, where stumbling or staying put in one place too long seem like impossible things to even consider.

One thought on “My Purpose

  1. Very well Written and insightful piece Jared! I’ve never had much of an opinion on American politics but your insights into how the media control public opinion really interest me and I couldn’t agree more ! I too , have been swayed by media hype and sneer at Trump but I’ve learnt a lot through reading this and your writing has given me an opinion of my own!. Keen to see your next post! Keep writing !

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