Marketing departments need to reinvent themselves, or become obsolete

The “4 P’s of Marketing” – long seen as one of the cornerstones of marketing theory, and pushed enthusiastically in marketing textbooks and by marketing lecturers when I was a student. Perhaps that is still happening. The premise was simple, the 4 P’s stood for Product, Place, Price and Promotion. The theory taught that marketing … Continue reading Marketing departments need to reinvent themselves, or become obsolete

Romancing The Ordinary

It’s an interesting thing being a father to a two year old. Interesting for many reasons, but one of the primary ones being the amount that the two year old teaches you. A few days ago after a downpour of rain we were walking around outside. She exclaimed at having seen something interesting, and proceeded … Continue reading Romancing The Ordinary

Getting The Simple Things Wrong

So I’ve recently been scoping out a few agencies in order to find the right match for the company I head marketing for. It’s an arduous, tricky process where you rely on gut feel, hearsay and portfolios before drawing up any shortlist. It then came to the phase of phoning the ones I was interested … Continue reading Getting The Simple Things Wrong

Making it simple for the customer isn’t always simple

Many marketers probably have their own “Most important rule of marketing” – the one thing they feel is more important than anything else. Oddly enough, my most important rule isn’t necessarily a purely marketing area of a business. Quite simply, for me, the most important thing in marketing is to make it as easy as … Continue reading Making it simple for the customer isn’t always simple

The Owl

It’s strange how some random moments can pull your mind right back to where it should be and remind you what life should be about. It was Saturday. I was a single parent for the morning with my two year old daughter Gem. I decided around mid-morning to go out for a walk around our … Continue reading The Owl

On Friendship

How do you know what a true friend is? The introvert in me is very picky in who I spend my free time with. I’m even more picky with those who I call friends. I can probably count the number of people I consider to be good friends on one hand. My view on true … Continue reading On Friendship

Twelve marketing lessons from twelve years

I’m one of those fortunate individuals who has been able to work my entire career in the field which I chose and studied – Marketing. Like all long term relationships, I find my relationship with marketing is one of fluctuation. At times it frustrates me. At other times I find renewed excitement about it. Sometimes … Continue reading Twelve marketing lessons from twelve years