“Follow Your Passion” is Dangerous Advice

“Follow your passion” . . . you’ve likely heard it and read it countless times, from the likes of whoever made a speech at your graduation, a range self help experts or multi millionaires when they’re trying to dispense life advice. Except it’s not always the best advice, and can often be very dangerous advice. … Continue reading “Follow Your Passion” is Dangerous Advice

Embrace what you fear

The more you run from your fears, the bigger they get. The more you embrace them, the more you find they tend to disappear. If presenting in front of people scares the hell out of you, volunteer to do it more, or put yourself in a position to do it more often. If a senior … Continue reading Embrace what you fear

Measure yourself against your own standards

Never judge your performance or benchmark yourself according to what your boss expects. You end up just being a pawn for what someone else wants, while never pushing yourself – resulting in a lack of confidence and self-motivation. Instead, set your own high standards for your performance, and judge yourself according to those. Then be … Continue reading Measure yourself against your own standards

Give your opinion when it’s asked for

During your early years as an employee and thereafter, you’ll be asked your opinion on various aspects of the company and industry by your boss and superiors. It’s incredibly frustrating when young employees answer these questions with “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know”. Not only are you not contributing anything to the conversation, you’re … Continue reading Give your opinion when it’s asked for

Excellence is the next 2 minutes

Excellence is in the current moment. What are you doing now? Do it well. If you’re working on an excel sheet, give it 100% focus to ensure it’s accurate. If you’re talking to a co-worker, give them the attention, respect and acknowledgements that will make them feel valued instead of looking bored and trying to … Continue reading Excellence is the next 2 minutes

Do you have a destination?

Somebody drops you in a strange city you’ve never been to, gives you a vehicle and tells you to make your way to a certain landmark within the city. He explains the landmark to you and says it’s about 10km away, but gives you no instructions or directions. Would you jump in the car and … Continue reading Do you have a destination?

Mindfulness has a place in the office

The concept of mindfulness is often spoken about purely in spiritual terms, when in fact, it is something that is particularly relevant to your life in the business world. What is Mindfulness? The website PsychologyToday.com does a very good job of defining the concept: Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When … Continue reading Mindfulness has a place in the office