The Bench

Some afternoons after work I’d walk down to the promenade walkway and walk 2 miles up the shore and back again Strangely I preferred the windy afternoons they somehow blew the monotony of the working day away and made me feel alive again There was an old man who always sat on the same bench … Continue reading The Bench

Magic Portal

I ride the train down into the city every day And as it gets further in it gets more and more packed At its fullest I sometimes try to guess the number of people on the train Possibly close to a thousand And then my mind drifts and I think I imagine What if this … Continue reading Magic Portal

Eating Alone

I think nothing these days of eating alone in a restaurant If I feel like it, if I need to There’s a strange pleasure in it Not all would understand You pick up on all the conversations around you And realise that the ordinary lives of others are just that . . . ordinary The … Continue reading Eating Alone

Talking Heads

They keep the news channels on all day In the work canteen room And as I walk past I glance at the travesty of it all Talking heads, talking talking, talking Crisis! Outrage! Shortage! Crash! Thursday expect some sleat And a special report says you should probably eat less red meat Every tom fool and … Continue reading Talking Heads

What is True Love?

They came to the playground pushing a pram  The little baby couldn’t have been more than three weeks So  the playground itself was superfluous But I suppose they were just trying to get out Into the sun  She was blonde and wore gym clothes  Showing off a well kept body  He had that sweaty, grubby, … Continue reading What is True Love?

Spilled Liquid

Monday morning on the train to work  And the usual feeling,  As I leaned against the rear end of it No real will power to even read something on my phone  I stared at the shoes and feet of those around me  As the train filled and filled and filled I noticed a woman kneel … Continue reading Spilled Liquid

One Chance

Every now and then I’m reminded that this is it This is your life.  You get one go at this shit One chance To be young One body to live in One chance to experience it all No reruns, no reboots no Life 2.0  As your 20’s turns to the 30’s and as your 30’s … Continue reading One Chance


My daughter and I We'd sometimes buy bird seed And she'd help me sprinkle it Around our small back yard And into the bird feeder Ignoring the fact that the garden needed weeding And other stuff needed to be done  But so what Later in the afternoon we'd stand at the back door  And watch … Continue reading Birds

An Afternoon in May

We got drunk the night before  A couple of drinks after work  Turned into something considerably different.  A brandy promotion  Or something  I couldn’t remember driving home But back then it was ok  Waking up with that confused guilty sensation  With a pounding head and a face that felt swollen  Meeting them back at work  … Continue reading An Afternoon in May

Grasping at the What Ifs

She got obscenely drunk that night  At Madeleine's 30th party in Islington  At 12:30 AM we finally stumbled into the street Into the ongoing November drizzle  Intoxicated but triumphant Young hearts but old souls The world could have been ours Except her, she staggered a little too badly I volunteered to see her home to … Continue reading Grasping at the What Ifs