The virus of politics is more dangerous than Covid

This is my third post in a row related to Covid. I never thought I’d be sucked into giving the damn virus even more airtime. But I suppose in strange times, you see the best parts of people as well as the worst. And yes, I’ve just used the term “strange times”. Urgh.  For me, … Continue reading The virus of politics is more dangerous than Covid

Eating Alone

I think nothing these days of eating alone in a restaurant If I feel like it, if I need to There’s a strange pleasure in it Not all would understand You pick up on all the conversations around you And realise that the ordinary lives of others are just that . . . ordinary The … Continue reading Eating Alone

Talking Heads

They keep the news channels on all day In the work canteen room And as I walk past I glance at the travesty of it all Talking heads, talking talking, talking Crisis! Outrage! Shortage! Crash! Thursday expect some sleat And a special report says you should probably eat less red meat Every tom fool and … Continue reading Talking Heads

One Chance

Every now and then I’m reminded that this is it This is your life.  You get one go at this shit One chance To be young One body to live in One chance to experience it all No reruns, no reboots no Life 2.0  As your 20’s turns to the 30’s and as your 30’s … Continue reading One Chance

By the Light of the Pink Moon

Maybe it was the pink full moon But I dreamed the whole night long for a couple of nights Transported magically back to the city of my youth So far away Driving streets I knew so well Yet so changed Running from the police As if I did that back in the day And I … Continue reading By the Light of the Pink Moon

When It Comes

She came and sat next to me at the bus stop She must have been 90 or so And started making conversation I was never one for small talk with people  But I was interested and attentive She joked about drinking too much sherry About the blonde boy across the road She spoke about football … Continue reading When It Comes

The Only Real People

I never knew why she had a French bulldog with her At 8:30am going into central London But it was midsummer And everyone sweated And you could almost pick out the people  Who hadn’t showered that morning But I watched the dog It was better than the usual sights at that hour As the train … Continue reading The Only Real People

Port Alfred is a Quiet Place

Out of nowhere  The other night A random memory hit me Of when I was five or six We only have a few memories of those times When we were small Don’t we? A few isolated oases  In the deserts of the past In this one I was in Port Alfred A small boy At … Continue reading Port Alfred is a Quiet Place