An Afternoon in May

We got drunk the night before  A couple of drinks after work  Turned into something considerably different.  A brandy promotion  Or something  I couldn’t remember driving home But back then it was ok  Waking up with that confused guilty sensation  With a pounding head and a face that felt swollen  Meeting them back at work  … Continue reading An Afternoon in May

Grasping at the What Ifs

She got obscenely drunk that night  At Madeleine's 30th party in Islington  At 12:30 AM we finally stumbled into the street Into the ongoing November drizzle  Intoxicated but triumphant Young hearts but old souls The world could have been ours Except her, she staggered a little too badly I volunteered to see her home to … Continue reading Grasping at the What Ifs

Windy Saturday

There's something lonely about a windy Saturday That seems to fill your mind and soul with a sense of Desolation I stare out the back at the trees rustling Even the birds seem to stay away Not a raven or pigeon in sight The window blinds clink against the window A beer can rolls down … Continue reading Windy Saturday

By the Light of the Pink Moon

Maybe it was the pink full moon But I dreamed the whole night long for a couple of nights Transported magically back to the city of my youth So far away Driving streets I knew so well Yet so changed Running from the police As if I did that back in the day And I … Continue reading By the Light of the Pink Moon

When It Comes

She came and sat next to me at the bus stop She must have been 90 or so And started making conversation I was never one for small talk with people  But I was interested and attentive She joked about drinking too much sherry About the blonde boy across the road She spoke about football … Continue reading When It Comes

The Only Real People

I never knew why she had a French bulldog with her At 8:30am going into central London But it was midsummer And everyone sweated And you could almost pick out the people  Who hadn’t showered that morning But I watched the dog It was better than the usual sights at that hour As the train … Continue reading The Only Real People

What is Goodness?

I wrote a novel last year As I write this it remains unpublished But I think about one concept in it Fairly regularly  The opening scene On a dusty road Our protagonist of sorts Swerves his SUV to avoid a man on a bicycle He doesn’t avoid him He hits him The man dies Yea, … Continue reading What is Goodness?

Port Alfred is a Quiet Place

Out of nowhere  The other night A random memory hit me Of when I was five or six We only have a few memories of those times When we were small Don’t we? A few isolated oases  In the deserts of the past In this one I was in Port Alfred A small boy At … Continue reading Port Alfred is a Quiet Place

Working from home permanently is a step towards Dystopia

In these Covid times, the term “new normal” has been used extensively. I personally hate the term. I want to smash the term “new normal” against the wall until it never gets used again. Like many others, I feel that if this is the new normal, I don’t want much part of it. I was … Continue reading Working from home permanently is a step towards Dystopia

Smiling at cats in a Covid world

During this lockdown I’ve tried to take my four year old daughter to the local cricket ground every day. Once there we both enjoy it. A bit of fresh air and sunshine are very effective treatments for the sense of frustration and brain fog that continual working from home brings. It’s beautiful there, surrounded by … Continue reading Smiling at cats in a Covid world