Would you open the envelope?

You receive a knock at the door in the middle of the afternoon. Wondering whether there’s an Amazon delivery you forgot about, you make your way to the door. A man in a pristine black suit and black rimmed spectacles stands there. Something about his appearance strikes you as somewhat other-worldly. A little too clean … Continue reading Would you open the envelope?

When It Comes

She came and sat next to me at the bus stop She must have been 90 or so And started making conversation I was never one for small talk with people  But I was interested and attentive She joked about drinking too much sherry About the blonde boy across the road She spoke about football … Continue reading When It Comes

It Will Come When It Comes

I had two heavy shopping bags and I needed to get a bus home. It was a short journey that took less than ten minutes. I waited for the pedestrian green light and made my way across the road to the bus stop. Reaching into my pocket I immediately got the CityMapper app out to … Continue reading It Will Come When It Comes